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At Clifton Surveys we recognise the importance of surveying underground services and have a specialist and highly experienced team that can offer sub-surface utility surveys, utility mapping, drainage surveying or CCTV drain investigation.

Clifton Surveys | Underground Surveys

These surveys can be incorporated as part of a topographical survey, or provided as a separate standalone survey.

Our dedicated in-house team offer thorough and accurate underground utility surveys using the most up to date ground penetrating radar(GPR) and electromagnetic location (EML) equipment from the industry leading manufacturers. The survey you receive will contain accurate depth and location data for cables, pipes, ducts and drainage routes. It will be surveyed using high accuracy Leica, Trimble totals station, GPS and laser scanners all referenced to OS or local coordinates.

We are happy to accommodate specific requirements for your project, whether that’s to a public standard such as PAS128 or TSA, or a tailored specification to your suit your project.

The final deliverable will be presented in an easily interpreted layered CAD drawing (either 2D or 3D) and PDF format, containing detailed explanatory notes. We at Clifton Surveys proudly say we always strive to exceed the accuracies detailed in the BSI PAS128 standard.