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3D Survey

We capture site information using an array of survey instruments. Our laser scanners produce a highly accurate point cloud which is complemented and controlled by total station and GPS data. Using our well proven techniques we are able to undertake any survey nationwide with efficiency and confidence.

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Revit Model

Whether using information captured on site or existing 2D drawings, we can accurately build up a model of your building in Revit.

We create custom families and elements for each project to best reflect the nature of your building. We take care when creating our families so that the building looks clean when viewing as floor plans, section or elevation as well as the 3D model.

Site Viewer

Laser scan data and photography is also available to the client as a ‘google street view’ style viewer.
This can be accessed simply using a web browser and allows a 3D walkthrough of the site.

On request the client can receive this product as a natural accompaniment to your Revit deliverable, perfect to check on little details not normally shown in the model such as sockets or cable runs.